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 Sell Homes Faster For Top Dollar

In today’s fiercely competitive digital market, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to market real estate successfully. Putting yourself in front of the right customers is getting challenging day by day. It may be a steep uphill battle for you, but we can help you with the climb.

Make an impression online that converts with the top tips from our seasoned professionals. It is crucial to pick a sensible selling approach to secure the highest price possible at the fastest pace. So, here are ten marketing strategies that most real estate agents use to sell homes faster for top dollar, and you can too.


1. Professional Real Estate Photography

Real estate experts who wish to enhance their market-standing or kick-start the selling processes use professional real estate photography. Most homebuyers search for homes online, so having high-quality, eye-pleasing photos is essential, as listings without images are often ignored or considered fake.

We suggest you hire a PRO to photograph the front, exteriors, and interiors of the property. An experienced photographer can highlight the aspects of the property that the homebuyers want to see. Not only will professional photography help you sell homes faster but also bag better deals.  

Sellers always looking for a professional listing agent! They always interview multiple realtors and discuss marketing strategy.
What would be a better presentation than our professional service in your portfolio. 

2. Aerial/ Drone Photography, Mapping, & Aerial 360

Marketing listings get easy if you recognize the current real estate trends. If a property is situated amidst lush greens, mighty mountains, on the waterfront, or around other significant surroundings, utilize professional Aerial/ Drone Photography.


It helps give your listings a unique perspective incorporating stunning aerial views while showcasing the neighborhood for bigger and better coverage.  


Aerial Photography 

Aerial 360 Photography is great for land and acreage. 50 plus aerial images will be merged to be able to create an high resolution aerial 360! This tour can be added to your property website, to share in social media.

Aerial  360 Photography 

Drone mapping can solve that clarity issue. 100 plus aerial images will be merged to be able to create an high resolution aerial photo for a 20+ acres lot!

A highly detailed aerial map allows for insight into the property details without requiring a client to be there in person. And with the help of a licensed land surveyor, contour lines and accurate borders can even be overlaid onto the imagery.

3. Twilight and Night Photography

Good marketing gets you the best prices for your listings. It makes the phone ring constantly and keeps attracting quality leads. If the phone doesn’t ring, the home won’t sell, or it means the property isn’t catching anyone’s attention and would stay on the market for long.

So another exciting technique to showcase your properties is a night view illuminated by outdoor or indoor lighting.

Night photography is most suitable for condos with skyline or city views.Night photos are different because there's that element of other-worldliness to them that only appears during the night.

Twilight photos are different because there's that element of other-worldliness to them that only appears during that brief moment between day and night.

It is used to showcase landscape/property lighting, pool lighting and features like fire pits, and also to showcase a beautiful sunset. 

DallasPro - Bleu Ceil - Unit 2901-21_edited.jpg

DallasPro twilight and night photography services do justice and offer an otherworldliness appearance to highlight different features of a house in altogether distinctive lighting. DallasPro professionals guarantee twilight sky, clarity of various home features, and green grass with our virtual twilight photography skills – always and in all ways.

4. Virtual Walkthrough

Virtual walkthroughs aren’t just for million-dollar properties; these can showcase just any property in a positive light. Besides, homebuyers love, love, love virtual tours.

That opportunity to lead the prospect from room to room through video, panoramic photos, or 360-degree tours is incredible. Virtual tours allow homebuyers to experience what it might be like to move through the listed property. The walkthrough can also make use of other multimedia elements like sound effects, text, and narrations.

Depending on the company you hire, they can offer different options. Most real estate photographers choose between Matterport and iGuide 3D virtual tours for high-end, luxury listings to eliminate losing any showings. However, Zillow 3D Tours are great for low-end, standard walkthroughs.

5. Property Videography

Residential real estate videography is a fantastic technique to market your branding and stand apart from the rest. Video marketing produces high-quality footage with enhanced low-light performance while retaining the natural look of the house.

Property films, including virtual tours, walkthroughs, and video tours, typically showcase a property for sale. These take potential buyers on a home tour from corner to corner, inside out, without being physically present at the location. Besides, a company film, testimonial video, and a hybrid or merger commonly showcase stunning visuals and help establish authority in the market. Property videography is the key to attracting homebuyers and making the property memorable, increasing callbacks, and eventually faster sales.

If you are on a budget, you can also benefit from DallasPro aerial videography for business branding or highlighting the property exteriors and neighborhood.

6. Staging

Wish to sell a property quickly and for top dollar? You will benefit from professional staging services. It is no doubt that staged homes sell faster since the home’s condition makes all the difference. However, professional de-cluttering, cleaning, and staging services can cost you a fortune plus a lot of time and energy. Staging packages start anywhere from $2,000 and go up to around $10,000 or above.

An inexpensive alternative for real estate professionals would be virtual staging – flexible, creative, and getting the most out of your expenses, time, and energy. Residential virtual staging and interior design help amaze potential buyers without burning a hole in the pocket.


Moreover, at DallasPro, we offer virtual staging services starting from $39 per image, and our specialists can work to accommodate needs on every budget and requirement.

Virtual Staging

7. Visualization & Rendering

Since staging, pool designing, and remodeling can get super expensive and time-consuming, we have an alternative for you. Exterior and interior visualization and rendering services showcase all details of the home to potential homebuyers creatively and within the budget. 


These include; 3D interior & exterior rendering for pre-constructed homes and  virtual landscapingvirtual remodelingvirtual staging, and swimming pool rendering for existing properties to market your real estate with a faster turnaround time, cost-effectively.


3DHomeMedia - Twilight Ski.jpg

3D Exterior Rendering

Virtual Remodeling

Virtual Pool Rendering 

8.  2D & 3D Floor Plans

Transform any ordinary listing into a property that potential homebuyers envision as a dream home. How? Use 2D and 3D floor plans to improve the prospects.

If you are low on budget, try 2D floor plans. But if expenses aren’t a constraint, 3D floor plans are a higher-end option to provide the minutest details. Contact DallasPro professionals for an easy-to-use, high-quality 2D/ 3D floor plan and practically market your listings.  

3dhomemedia - 3D Floor Plan.jpg
3DHomeMedia -  Flyer_edited.jpg

9. Social Media Marketing

A solid social media strategy certainly helps sell homes faster because Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are all the rage today to benefit from in the crowded housing market. It might seem strange, but advertising on social media is an excellent idea to attract interested homebuyers.

So, take professional property photos and videos, create virtual walk-throughs and share your listing on all major social media sites and pages. Create flyers, catalogs, and brochures and increase your chances of conversions.


Even better, utilize Facebook Ads for a more specific reach. Also, don’t forget Pinterest – another image-sharing social media service where you can link the images back to your sales listing or website and drive more quality traffic.

DallasPro offers complimentary flyers and brochure design for luxury photography and all-in-one packages!


10. Custom Property Website

Create your custom property website to get your house sold faster. Since arranging your listing and marketing efforts on a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database can be somewhat challenging, a custom property website will come to your rescue. It is the best way to have all your marketing and branding efforts organized in a single place.

DallasPro offers complimentary property website for luxury photography and all-in-one packages!

property website

We hope these tips help you sell your homes faster. Check out our services and pricing page for more details on the services above.

DallasPro is a trusted and reputable real estate media and virtual architectural design company in Texas. We are committed to advancing our skills and abilities to outdo customer expectations. 

Contact us today to experience the DallasPro difference.

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