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  • $299, Up to 1 Hour Professional Photography (up to 1 hours on site including set-up) - 15 edited photos with commercial use licenses are included, $20 each Additional.

  • $399, Up to 2 Hours Professional Photography (up to 2 hours on site including set-up) - 25 edited photos with commercial use licenses are included, $20 each Additional.

  • $499, Up to 3 Hours Professional Photography (up to 3 hours on site including set-up) - 35 edited photos with commercial use licenses are included, $20 each Additional.

  • $599, Up to 4 Hours Professional Photography (up to 4 hours on site including set-up) - 50 edited photos with commercial use licenses are included, $20 each Additional.

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DallasPro - Allison Hayden 2800 Lakeside


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Interior,  exterior daytime photos combination of flash & ambient light. 

Windows pull on all interior photos (Clear view from the windows).

Blue sky in all the exterior & Interior photos guaranteed

Enhanced greener grass in all exterior photos. 

48 business hours turnaround time. 

All photos will capture with 43+ megapixel pro-camera with 12mm lens. 

Things to Know;


  • You can always call/text or email to schedule & reschedule your appointment (972-979-7989 or info@Dallaspro.com).

  • We will send you a confirmation email followed by a call after your appointment is set & your order is completed. 

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Why DallasPro?
IDallasPro is the revolutionary way to advertise yourself and your property. DallasPro is a rising business that offers the superior way to engage your prospects. Whether your enterprise is with commercial, industrial and architectural, DallasPro will facilitate showings to ensure the most eye-catching advertisements on the market. 
DallasPro - 5033 Lemmon Ave, Dallas-28.j

How can I schedule and pay for my services.

The best way would be creating an account in our website and become a VIP Client, then simply add any service that you would like to schedule to your cart and check it out. You can pay with any credit cards or Pay-Pall at the checkout. 

What would be the turnaround time?

48 business hours. Any photo-shoot on Thursday would be ready by Saturday. Friday shooting would be ready by Monday.

Also, 24 hours turnaround time would be available for $39. 

How do I get my photos back?

A downloadable file will be sent to you via dropbox link. Also, direct download would be available per your request. 

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Yes. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we request at least 24 hours notice. If you give less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee. There is no cancellation fee for rescheduling your shoot due to bad weather.

Do I own the rights to my photos?

Yes, the Commercial Use License Is included in any commercial photography .  With this license, content can be used in promotional campaigns such as advertising, as well as on websites and blogs. 


All are packages include luxury photography and post processing! We merge different ambient shots with flash shot for an outstanding single photo. Shooting natural light can be great, but the beauty of flash is the control you have over the power and shape of the light. For real estate photography, a combination of the two is best.

We use professional equipment and wide angle lenses, in addition to the latest software to deliver

outstanding image quality. Our photos utilize creative compositions, angles, and flow to truly

convey the essence and feeling of your home.