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3D Rendering Pricing

We assure you of the finest quality and most competitive prices in the USA. Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden costs.

We ensure a perfect replication of your desired materials and objects, guaranteeing a 100% match.

Please note that the pricing below is applicable only for residential projects. For commercial projects, kindly send your drawings to to receive a quote and information about the turnaround time.


Exterior architectural renderings afford a good view of the façade. Architects or builders planning to propose new constructions can benefit from these types of visualization services. The model can be very straightforward or full of design components, including landscape, surrounding properties, fences, streets, and even people to furnish a sense of location.

Interior renderings accurately represent the colors, shadows, and lights of the insides of space for a truly immersive experience. These can exhibit any variety of features to market the property in the best manner possible. 2D interior models give a sense of space, while 3D visualizations highlight interesting and intricate indoor details. It is a realistic interior rendering to help clients envision the living area before making their final decision.

3d interior rendering
3D Floor Plan Rendering  (12 of 39).jpg
3D Floor Plan Rendering  (12 of 39).jpg

A floor plan is usually a drawing showing the design of the construction project from above. Commonly used are 2D floor plans that traditionally represent the site’s general layout so you can grasp the size and orientation of the space. 

Animated renderings are better than CG panoramas as these walk you around a site in three-dimension. These are immersive renderings ideal for real estate agents or brokers to allow their clients to experience the project’s specifics without traveling to the location. It helps explore the space and get a strong sense of its overall feel, layout, and features.

3DHomeMedia 3_edited_edited.jpg

Site Plan Rendering

A site plan rendering includes landscape, people, terrain, season, shadows, delineation, topography, vehicles, and more. Therefore, it is a 2D or 3D architectural representation of every nook and cranny of the site. These are practically indistinguishable from photographs and help in marketing new developments with utmost detail.

This type of rendering presents a 360-degree panorama of every corner of the future construction. It is time-consuming, requires more effort, but it transforms 2D images into 3D visualization. It is a big trend in architecture where clients can freely and independently explore all details without anybody else’s interference. CG panoramas are aimed at persuading clients to purchase the design using their own intuition.

3DHomeMedia (1).jpg
interior rendering

A three-dimensional product and material configurator is a software-based solution allowing you to visualize designs in interactive variations. It features a 3D model that can be customized to project specifications. For example, 3D product configuration for designing a couch allows you to pick its color, material, and additional features before making final design decisions. It is an interactive and engaging visualization experience for several industries and businesses. 

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