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When is the best time of the day to take real estate photos? 
Its really depends on the location of the house! Shooting directly toward sun is undesirable. The sun rise in the east and set in the west. The best exterior photoshoot would be after 12:00 pm for west facing homes & morning for east facing homes. For interior photoshoot just make a time with less direct sunlight from windows. 


Tips To Prepare Your Home For Your Real Estate Photo Shoot

Exterior Real Estate Photo Tips:

  • All cars need to be in the garage with doors closed. No parked cars in front of the house.

  • Remove trash cans, garden tools, hoses and sprinklers.

  • Sweep driveways, patios and sidewalks.

  • Put Deck/Patio umbrellas up in season and remove barbeque covers.

  • Pool Equipment out of the pool and out of sight.

  • All windows closed and blinds set to the same height, usually half mast is best.

  • Mow the lawn, clean up yard debris, store mower out of sight.

  • Bushes and trees trimmed to show a clear view of the house.

  • Enhance curb appeal with a front door wreath, pots of greenery or flowers.

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Interior Real Estate Photo Tips:

  • All interior lights on; replace non-working bulbs.

  • Clear off counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms, removing tissue boxes, soap containers and paper towels.

  • A bowl of apples, oranges and lemons gives a nice touch of color to the kitchen table.

  • Turn on fireplace in season if possible.

  • Remove notes pictures and magnets from refrigerators.

  • Turn off ceiling fans and televisions.

  • Put away any evidence of “work” including buckets, trash cans, sponges, soap bottles and cleaning cloths.

  • Remove newspapers and stacks of magazines.

  • Windows and mirrors clean and streak free.

  • Carpets vacuumed and hard wood floors polished.

  • Beds freshly made; freshly folded towels in bathrooms.

  • De-clutter and de-personalize so your buyer can imagine themselves in their new home!

Cloudy or Clear sky?

Both cloudy and sunny conditions can have their advantages and disadvantages for real estate photography.

Cloudy conditions can provide soft and even lighting, which can be beneficial for capturing interior shots without harsh shadows. Cloud cover can also help to reduce glare and provide a more balanced exposure for both indoor and outdoor areas of the property. Additionally, cloudy conditions can create a more calming and subdued atmosphere, which may be desirable for certain types of properties.

On the other hand, sunny conditions can bring vibrant and dynamic lighting to your photos. The natural sunlight can highlight the architectural features, landscaping, and overall beauty of the property. However, direct sunlight can also create strong shadows and cause areas of the photo to be overexposed. To counter these challenges, using reflectors or diffusers can help soften the light and reduce harsh shadows.

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